HammerHead To Offer NitroPlate High Temperature Coating Option On 5th Gen Camaro IRS Kits


March 22, 2013 – HammerHead Housings is excited to announce an alliance with NitroPlate High Temperature Coatings to offer a NitroPlate coating option for their bulletproof bolt in GM 12 bolt based HammerHead differential housings.

“We are proud to offer this great NitroPlate coating finish option for our HammerHead IRS housing for the 5th Generation Camaro and all upcoming HammerHead applications. This custom NitroPlate coating bonds to the metal and provides a beautiful and durable finish as well as some heat and flow performance benefits that really set it apart from run of the mill powder coating.” says Jeff Lee of HammerHead Housings LLC.

NitroPlate’s Kevin Cradduck said, “We at NitroPlate are thrilled to be associated with the fine folks at HammerHead Housings. To be involved with such an innovative new product is extremely gratifying. Hammerhead Housing customers will have the option of specifying NitroPlate Coatings in either satin black or silver. Both coatings are highly engineered materials containing PTFE which yields extreme durability; improved lubricant drainback, and reduced operating temperatures. Because of the coatings’ resistance to virtually all lubricants, cleaners and common automotive chemicals, owners will find cleaning and maintenance to be very easy.”

The cost for the coating will be an additional $200 to the HammerHead kit price (Camaro kits start at $5499.99), and is available in satin black or silver finish.

Visit www.hammerheadhousing.com and www.nitroplate.com for more information.

NitroPlate is a trademark of Servitech Industries LLC.
HammerHead is a trademark of HammerHead Housings L.L.C.HammerHead NitroPlate Front

HammerHead NitroPlate Top

HammerHead NitroPlated Inside

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