Camaro HammerHead Housing Debuts At 2011 PRI & IMIS Shows Thanks To The Driveshaft Shop and Moser Engineering

Fred Lee HammerHead Moser

Fred "Skip" Lee creator of the HammerHead Housing proudly poses with his creation at the Moser Engineering booth - PRI Show 2011 Orlando,FL

The Camaro HammerHead Housing had it’s official and long awaited coming out party last week at the 2011 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show. Skip & Jeff Lee of HammerHead Housings were on hand to debut the HammerHead which was on display at both The Driveshaft Shop and Moser Engineering booths. The Driveshaft Shop had the HammerHead fabricated prototype, plastic prototype models and the machined cast aluminum housing, as well as an unmachined cast iron housing.  Moser Engineering had an aluminum & cast iron housing on display, along with axles and a carbon fiber driveshaft from The Driveshaft Shop. Lots of people stopped by both booths and we had the chance to meet and talk to people from General Motors, Mopar,  major performance companies, distributors, and install shops, as well as some friends from the forums who have been following the progress of the project. People were very excited to see the HammerHead Housing for the Camaro come to life. Power TV also recorded a video about the HammerHead for the Driveshaft Shop which you can see below.


Continuing on it’s promotional tour, this week the Camaro HammerHead Housing will be on display at the International Motorsports Industry Show (IMIS) in Indianapolis at Moser Engineering’s booth #743. So if you’re at the show, check it out in person. They have an aluminum & cast iron housing plus The Driveshaft Shop axles and carbon fiber driveshaft.

For now, check out some of the photos from PRI below.


Skip Lee and Rob Moser

Fred "Skip" Lee of HammerHead and Rob Moser of Moser Engineering pose with the Camaro HammerHead housing at the Moser Booth - PRI Show 2011 Orlando, FL

HammerHead Moser

Camaro HammerHead on display at the Moser Engineering Booth at PRI 2011 Orlando, FL

HammerHead Prototype 2

Camaro HammerHead Prototype on display at The Driveshaft Shop Booth. Imitators beware. HammerHead is the original. - PRI Show 2011 Orlando, FL

Skip and Friends

Fred "Skip" Lee of HammerHead Housings with Patternmaker friends Chip Furst & Chris Thompson - PRI 2011 Orlando, FL

Fred "Skip" Lee and Jeff Lee of HammerHead Housings pose with the Camaro HammerHead Housing and prototypes at The Driveshaft Shop booth - PRI Show 2011 Orlando, FL