HammerHead To Offer NitroPlate High Temperature Coating Option On 5th Gen Camaro IRS Kits


March 22, 2013 – HammerHead Housings is excited to announce an alliance with NitroPlate High Temperature Coatings to offer a NitroPlate coating option for their bulletproof bolt in GM 12 bolt based HammerHead differential housings.

“We are proud to offer this great NitroPlate coating finish option for our HammerHead IRS housing for the 5th Generation Camaro and all upcoming HammerHead applications. This custom NitroPlate coating bonds to the metal and provides a beautiful and durable finish as well as some heat and flow performance benefits that really set it apart from run of the mill powder coating.” says Jeff Lee of HammerHead Housings LLC.

NitroPlate’s Kevin Cradduck said, “We at NitroPlate are thrilled to be associated with the fine folks at HammerHead Housings. To be involved with such an innovative new product is extremely gratifying. Hammerhead Housing customers will have the option of specifying NitroPlate Coatings in either satin black or silver. Both coatings are highly engineered materials containing PTFE which yields extreme durability; improved lubricant drainback, and reduced operating temperatures. Because of the coatings’ resistance to virtually all lubricants, cleaners and common automotive chemicals, owners will find cleaning and maintenance to be very easy.”

The cost for the coating will be an additional $200 to the HammerHead kit price (Camaro kits start at $5499.99), and is available in satin black or silver finish.

Visit www.hammerheadhousing.com and www.nitroplate.com for more information.

NitroPlate is a trademark of Servitech Industries LLC.
HammerHead is a trademark of HammerHead Housings L.L.C.HammerHead NitroPlate Front

HammerHead NitroPlate Top

HammerHead NitroPlated Inside

HammerHead Announces Three Stages of 12-Bolt IRS For 2010+ Camaros

There’s no modern muscle car more popular than the 5th Generation Chevrolet Camaro. Today’s Camaros are the perfect platform to go faster and build insane amounts of horsepower, that is except for the factory independent rear suspension (IRS). The factory rear housing is the car’s weakest link and that is why HammerHead has created the new standard in high horsepower independent rear suspension technology: the revolutionary HammerHead 12-bolt housing.

The HammerHead housing is part of three different complete bolt-in replacement kits for the 5th Generation (2010+) Camaro. HammerHead housings has teamed up with industry leader The Driveshaft Shop and will offer kits featuring race proven DSS axles rated up to 1400HP as well as their bulletproof driveshafts. The HammerHead 12-bolt housing features more strength and less horsepower loss than a 9-inch Ford housing. And by using a 12-bolt, the HammerHead allows a larger selection of gear ratios, posi units, and racing spools when compared to OEM style differential options.

The HammerHead 12-bolt housing comes standard in lightweight cast aluminum but is also available in nodular iron for extreme performance usage. Kits are available in three stages; from bulletproof to indestructible, and the HammerHead has been prototype tested in a 900-plus-horsepower Camaro with a 35-spline WaveTrac posi unit. Best of all, the HammerHead kit is an easy bolt-in installation, and is available with an optional carbon fiber driveshaft or WaveTrac 35-spline posi unit.

The HammerHead housing will also be available for viewing on the Hot Rod Power Tour with the Black Beauty Camaro of Jeff & Tammy Mayes, and at the HammerHead booth at the Muskegon stop on the Power Tour.

Bulletproof Stage 1
33-spline Eaton TrueTrac. 3.42, 3.55, 3.73, 3.90, 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, and 4.88 ratios. DSS 1000 HP Level 4 Street axles and choice of driveshaft.

Bulletproof Stage 2
35-spline WaveTrac posi unit with lifetime warranty (including racing). “Indestructible” nodular iron casting also available for applications over 1400 horsepower. DSS 1400HP Axles and choice of driveshaft.

Indestructible Stage 3
Optional solid spool and 9310 alloy “Pro Gears” for racecars ONLY 4.11, 4.33, 4.56, 4.88, and 5.00 ratios. DSS 1400HP Axles and choice of driveshaft.

For more info contact jeff@hammerheadhousing.com, visit www.hammerheadhousing.com, facebook.com/hammerheadhousings
or contact HammerHead Housings: 620 E. Riley Thompson Rd., Muskegon, MI 49445, at (231) 740-5534.

First Batch Of Production Camaro HammerHead Castings Off To Machine Shop

Happy New Year! The Holidays are officially over and everyone is back to work. Here are some shots of the just poured first batch of Camaro aluminum HammerHead 12 bolt differential castings fresh from the foundry and on their way to the machine shop. Soon they will be under some of the baddest Camaro’s in all the land. 🙂

HammerHead Housings

HammerHead Housings

HammerHead Housings

The Driveshaft Shop To Provide Axles & Driveshafts For ET Enterprises HammerHead IRS Housings

Fred, Jeff & John Lee of ET Enterprises just got back from a trip to The Driveshaft Shop in Salisbury, NC and we are proud to announce that the HammerHead kit will include 1400HP axles from The Driveshaft Shop, and your choice of an aluminum, chromoly, or carbon fiber driveshaft. The combination of the groundbreaking HammerHead 12 bolt housing with these proven bulletproof Driveshaft Shop components will give customers a killer combination. If you would like to see the HammerHead in person, Fred & Jeff Lee will have an unmachined casting with them at the LSX Shootout October 7-9, 2011 in Indianapolis, IN. Call Fred at 231-740-5534 to connect. But for now…gawk at these great photos!

HammerHead at Driveshaft Shop

Fred "Skip" Lee of ET Enterprises with Frank Rehak of The Driveshaft Shop holding one of the first Camaro HammerHead 12 Bolt IRS Housings


It’s A Reality! Camaro HammerHead IRS 12 Bolt Housing Casting Photos

It’s a REALITY! The first Camaro HammerHead 12 Bolt IRS housings have been cast in Aluminum and are now at the machine shop getting fixtures made. If you would like to see the HammerHead in person, Fred & Jeff Lee will have an unmachined casting with them at the LSX Shootout October 7-9, 2011 in Indianapolis, IN. Call Fred at 231-740-5534 to connect. But for now…gawk at these great photos!

Photos by Sarah Lee Photography

HammerHead Prototype Photos


Fred “Skip” Lee of ET Enterprises poses with the fabricated prototype of the HammerHead rearend housing for 2010 and up Camaros with independent rear suspension. This unit is currently being tested in Jim Barber’s CARS 1000HP 2010 Camaro which is scheduled for display at SEMA 2010 in November.

Here the prototype is being fitted with stubs from GForce1320 in Wichita, Kansas (Photo from Camaro5.com Forums)