HammerHead Nominated Into Foundrymen’s Society Casting of The Year Competition

The all-new indestructible HammerHead IRS 12-bolt housing for the 2010+ Camaro is already raking in the awards including a nomination into the Foundrymen’s Society Casting of The Year Competition. The annual casting competition showcases excellence in design, engineering and metalcasting. The competition recognizes what the engineering community can accomplish and is considered a true honor to be nominated.

When asked of the origin of the HammerHead concept, Skip Lee explained, “The original idea for making an independent rear suspension (IRS) 12-bolt casting came from a conversation with my two good friends (and Corvette racers) Craig and Brett Saurbaugh. They’ve helped me with many of my automotive projects and saw this as a way to repay them (and at the same time create a product that many Corvette enthusiast would want).

“During the research and development phase of the HammerHead, I attended the December ’08 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show where I first saw the 5th Gen Camaro. Then and there, rumors of an IRS similar to earlier Corvettes were confirmed, giving me the plan to incorporate both the Corvette and 5th Gen Camaro 12-bolt IRS projects together.

“I took my 50 years of experience as a performance automotive enthusiast and 40 years in my trade as a patternmaker to develop the HammerHead. Mark VanderWest at Leading Edge Fabricating built the prototype differential for a test car, holding up to a grueling 900-plus-horsepower 5th Gen.

“At that point the real work began – with the help of Wes Rice at RL Cast Tech. We developed a 3D CAD model that was made into a plastic Stereo Lithography (Select Manufacturing) part. Today, the HammerHead housing comes in lightweight cast aluminum (but is also available in nodular iron for extreme performance usage).

“I have done whatever it takes to keep all the manufacturing within the United States, even going so far as turning down offers from 7 large companies – just to keep HammerHead’s production within Michigan.

“My family’s support and willingness to sacrifice so much to complete this project was the turning point for me. Together with our team we will soon have an affordable IRS to market for the performance racing industry.”

The HammerHead 12-bolt housing is part of three different complete bolt-in replacement kits for the 5th Generation (2010+) Camaro, offering kits capable of handling up to 1400HP. The HammerHead also allows a larger selection of gear ratios, posi units, and racing spools when compared to OEM style differential options.

For more info contact  jeff@hammerheadhousing.com, visit www.hammerheadhousing.comfacebook.com/hammerheadhousings
or contact HammerHead Housings: 620 E. Riley Thompson Rd., Muskegon, MI 49445, at (231) 740-5534.

Magazine Scans Below:

Cover for Metal Casting Design & Purchasing Casting of the Year Issue

Cover of MetalCasting Design & Purchasing

HammerHead Foundrymen's Society

Hammerhead Featured in the Foundrymen's Society Magazine "Metal Casting Design & Purchasing"


For Immediate Release:
For more information contact:
Kevin Shaw
(615) 876-1822

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