Camaro “Complete The Kit” Form

Complete The Kit (5th Generation Camaro)

We have engineered the Camaro HammerHead IRS kit for stock length axles and driveshafts already on the market by The Driveshaft Shop. We are only selling the complete kit online or through retailers and "completing the kit" via special request through dealers or this online form.

So for those of you who have already bought a Driveshaft Shop Driveshaft or Axle package, this form is basically to tell us what components you already have so we can get you a complete differential, proper pinion yoke, and stub axles that will bolt up to your existing parts.

Once this form is completed and verified we will contact you and begin the order.

  • Current Driveshaft and Axles

    Tell us what driveshaft or axles you currently have. Who you bought them from and when.
  • If you do have a DSS Driveshaft, when did you purchase it?
    If you do not yet have a DSS driveshaft, which driveshaft would you like to complete your kit?
  • If you have DSS Axles, when did you purchase them?
    If you do not already have DSS axles, tell us which axles you would like to include to complete your kit.
    Who did you purchase your DSS axles or Driveshafts from? Name shop/dealer/installer in "Other" field.
  • HammerHead Options

    Who will be installing your HammerHead Differential? Name shop/dealer/installer in "Other" field.
    All gears are Motive Performance gears that are REM treated for increased performance and reduced noise.
    Optional Nitroplate coating provides a great looking durable finish that bonds to the metal and also has thermal as well as lubricant flow benefits.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.
    If you are okay with it, please upload a picture of your car for an upcoming customer showcase on our website or facebook pages. Thanks!
  • Let us know of any other questions or thoughts you may have on completing your HammerHead IRS kit.